Helping Never Felt SO Worthwhile…

As funding for human services is cut every year, DHS workers cannot be held accountable to supply all of the necessary items that children in foster care and foster families need.  If you are anywhere in the state of Oklahoma and you wish to donate items then please contact the staff members listed below and we will coordinate a way to collect the items.


Clothing, Toiletries and Travel Accessories Donations

All too often children taken into DHS custody only have trash bags in which to carry their belongings. Toiletry items such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, brushes and many other items are needed. If you have extra items that are not being used then please donate these. Please contact Todd Burk at 405-200-0131 or Stephanie Jackson at 918-289-0550.

Become a Respite Parent

Respite parents allow Therapeutic Foster parents to get some needed time off. Although the requirements are the same as for Therapeutic Foster Parents, the time commitment is far less. Respite parents are allotted a daily fee for expenses. Please contact Todd Burk at 405-200-0131 or Stephanie Jackson at 918-289-0550.

Volunteer Your Time

Children in Foster Care have many needs that go unmet, such as meeting academic requirements, identifying positive role models and affiliating with community groups. By volunteering your time, you can help a foster child build the same connections as other children.  Please contact Todd Burk at 405-200-0131 or Stephanie Jackson at 918-289-0550.