Support Services

Parent Support Groups

Parent support groups are offered on a monthly basis to help TFC parents become better equipped to provide care to the children in their home. Parent support groups are parent driven and are scheduled at times that are convenient for them.

24 Hour Crisis Support

When you sign up with YCO TFC, you’ll receive all of the support that you need, even if it’s in the middle of the night! YCO TFC has a 24 hour support line and on-site support for infrequent incidents.


Parent Trainings

Parent trainings are offered on a monthly basis to help educate TFC parents. Topics include, but are not limited to, the effects of trauma on children, coping with maladaptive behaviors, mental health disorders and more. Parent trainings are scheduled at flexible times and child care is available.

Weekly Therapy

Weekly therapy is not just advertisement, it’s a promise.  Children enrolled with YCO TFC receive therapy once to twice a week in order to help facilitate their well being. YCO also works with the biological families in conjunction with the TFC family to help build a better bond.

Community Building

Annual events, such as parent appreciation luncheons, holiday parties, family picnics and community giveback days are scheduled to help parents and children connect with other foster families. Visit our scrapbook page to find out what our foster families have been up to lately!

Referral Bonuses and Incentives

YCO TFC offers referral bonuses to parents who refer other parents to the program. We also pay higher rates for those parents who wish to work with teenagers.